Most Popular Poses for an Engagement Shoot

Many of us wait months, sometimes years for out better half to pop the question. Saying yes comes next, and with that the anticipation of capturing the memory just right. After all, one day the photos might grace your bedroom wall, and of course, your social media timeline.

So, it’s necessary you plan out your proposal and hire an engagement photographer in Dallas. That way, you can look at the professional shots with joy for years to come. But if you’re confused about what pose to strike, we’ve compiled a list of poses for you to try and look amazing in all your photos. Continue reading!


Hold Hands

Beginning with the obvious, holding hands and showing off your ring to the camera is a must. Clasp your partner’s hand in your own in a way that the ring stays prominent and your photographer is able to capture it in all its glory.


Touch Their Face

Here’s another pose that will show the warmth and love you have for your betrothed. Gently cup the side of their face with either one or both hands and look into their eyes for a dreamy shot. Moving your hands a little lower and placing them on their neck – while your noses touch – is another great pose.


The Forehead Kiss

A kiss on the forehead can never go wrong. Stand close to your partner and plant your lips gently on their temple or their forehead. Closing your eyes while doing so will add a magical touch to the photo.


 A couple posing for a close-up shot

The Collar Grab

Pull them closer by their collar and keep your hands on it while smiling. A close-up shot of you gazing into their eyes can turn out extremely warm and cherish-able when shot by a professional engagement photographer.


Pop One foot in the Air

Bring your princess dreams to life and pose with a foot popped up in the air. To add a dash of enchantment, let your partner grab you by the waist and hold you up in the air.

Embrace Them Warmly

To make this pose work, face toward the camera and hug your partner close to you. They must be facing you, and the camera should be at their back. Spread your fingers a bit and hug them tightly for the picture.


Some More Tips and Tricks

  • Ensure that the site you choose for your proposal has good lighting.
  • Put on your best smile.
  • Be you. Let your personality and the bond between you and your partner shine through.

These are just a few trendy poses for your engagement, and Lily Hayes Photography can help you with so much more. We are a team of wedding photographers in Dallas, TX, who are trained to take professional, beautiful shots of you and your loved ones.

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