Putting Together a Surprise Proposal Shoot

Marriage is the most beautiful bond of all bonds in this world. If you’re deeply in love with someone and sure that you’ve fallen for them, it might be time to propose. People these days opt for many different and creative ways to propose to the love of their life.

Putting Together a Surprise Proposal Shoot

The most popular among them is putting together a surprise proposal shoot.

Proposing is a pivotal point in every person’s life, so the memories should always be saved so you can cherish them later. So if you’re planning to keep your proposal shoot a surprise, then you need to prepare a checklist so everything goes smoothly and you get the best pictures out of it. Here are a few important considerations:

  • Reach the destination early, along with the photographers. Direct the photographers to hide in different spots and ask them to make their equipment ready.
  • Decide a place where you’re planning to go down on your knees and ask the life-changing question; make your photographers aware so they set themselves in the perfect spots to capture those perfect shots.
  • Convey your requirements and expectations clearly to the photographers, so it’s easier for them to put the surprise shoot together according to your wishes.
  • Set your photographers in three to four different spots to get shots from three different angles. It’s always better to hire a team of three to four photographers than going solo.
  • Explain any possible issues that might occur and if the photographers are supposed to move or stay in the same spot.
  • Set a photographer at the entrance as well to get a shot of her entering.
  • If you plan on proposing in a public place, prepare yourself to get bothered by the questions like “is it a real one?” or “are you serious about it?” Just stick to the fact that you want to make that day memorable for yourself and the love of your life and don’t pay heed to passersby.

Professional photography is a complex job as it is but when your partner is unaware, it becomes a rather daunting tasking—which is why you should hire only a highly professional photographer with experience and expertise in the field.

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