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If you’re on this page, you’re probably in the process of securing vendors for you special day, how EXCITING! But one of the many questions I hear brides ask alot, is “how many hours of wedding coverage do I really need”. Bottom line is, I can’t really answer that question for you but will absolutely do my VERY best to gather as much information needed to decipher approximately is more than enough with plenty of time in between in case things run a little behind..fingers crossed it won’t! ♥

Below is a sample of my own photography timeline. Meaning, the is the order in which I start my coverage for every wedding. Depending on the number of hours, some client forgo the detail and getting ready photos, or want me to arrive right before the ceremony and do all the formals afterwards so again, you have completely control on how you would like to disperse the photography timeline for your own wedding. This is just a general timeline so it’ll help you when planning the wedding day itinerary.

(Pre Ceremony)

Details (dress, shoes, rings, bouquet.etc) – 15 Minutes

Getting in Dress/Accessories – 20 Minutes

Bridal & Bride & Bridesmaids – 20 Minutes

Groom & Groom & Groomsmen – 20 Minutes

Bride & Grooms Family Groupings On Each Side –  15 Minutes
(bride & her immediate family, bride & mom, bride and dad, bride & siblings and vice versa with groom and his family)

I stop shooting 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony so guest aren’t seeing you both. During this time, reception decor is photographed


Doing these formals before the ceremony definitely cuts back the time after the ceremony of having to do them. After the ceremony, it’ll be a just a  few family photos with both bride and groom present in photos, entire bridal party and of course, your couple portraits. Please note, extended family photos with bride and groom can be done during the reception. With all that being said, I recommend arriving at least 2-2.5 hours before the ceremony. Remember you have to create some cushion time between it all, in case you face some unexpected delays or emergencies.

(Post Ceremony)

Photo’s of Bride & Groom With Each Side Of The Immediate Family (remember we did the groupings before the ceremony) – 5 Minutes
(Extended family photos; I get those photos during the reception when I’m going around getting photos of all your guest)

Full Bridal Party with Bride & Groom- 15 Minutes

PRIVATE PORTRAITS: Bride & Groom- 20-40 Minutes

Hint: Don’t forget to count travel times between each location.
*Private Portraits are with photographer and couple only.
Depending on ceremony time, private portraits can also be done later in the evening during the reception when dinner is being serve for optimum lighting and time saving, following
the ceremony.