Tired of White? 4 Ways to Add a Dash of Color to Your Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress

White is the ultimate classic color for a bride on her happiest day. These days, however, brides like to shake things up a little. Instead of going all the way with too much color on your wedding outfit, you might want to stick to small accents or touches. Here are a few ways you can add some color without too much commitment or preparation.

Use Nature to Your Advantage

The easiest way to mix it up with your wedding look is to have the brightest flowers you can find. Put together a bunch of wildflowers for your bouquet to brighten your dress up. Bright purples, yellows, and blues go amazingly with white — and they make things look more casual too.

You could also add some flowers to your hairdo for some subtle detailing. If you want to get more out-of-the-box, you can ask your florist to make you a flower crown for your big day. Attach your veil to it and voila! You’ve balanced your classic white dress with some vibrant blooms.

Accessorize Wisely

You can also complete your outfit with some vivid accessories. A sash will add a nice finished touch to your dress without becoming overwhelming. Go for a burgundy red color to make things look classy or preserve a pastel palette with a periwinkle blue. Match your sash with similarly colored shoes and maybe a small clutch.

If you have jewelry that can match with your other accessories, don’t be afraid to add those to your ensemble. You’ll look back on your wedding photographs and be glad you looked fierce!

A Full Face is a Bold Face

You can spice up your look with some bold makeup choices as well. Slay a bold lip that a veil can’t hide. If you’re not a fan of that, you can get a dramatic smoky eye in jewel tones to complement your accessories or even add some pizzazz with colored eyeliner.

If you’re looking to get a little edgy, you can incorporate a colored highlight in purple or blue that will show up brilliantly in daylight and photographs.

Get Messy!

Beware — this suggestion is not for the faint of heart. A cute way to get some color in your wedding and make your wedding photography a fun shoot is to purchase some colored powder usually used in an Indian festival called Holi. You and your groom can grab some and have fun aiming fistfuls of it at each other.

This will completely ruin your dress, so don’t attempt it if the dress is an heirloom or if you want to preserve it. However, if you and your man can get on board, it’s going to make for an incredible wedding album.

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