Tips To Avoid The Clichés With Your Newborn Photography

Tips To Avoid The Clichés With Your Newborn Photography

It is easy to be tempted with newborn photography. You may want the baby to put on a headband; be placed in a basket, even a stockpot; may be put in some butterflies, how about a gift box? Newborn In Butterfly Floral Setup

Even though all these ideas sound really awesome and are trending on Pinterest, do you really want accessories and all sorts of things to overshadow the loving natural look of your baby?

If you’ve answered no, here is how to execute newborn photography flawlessly without going clichéd:

Set up the scene

In an ideal condition, you are photographing newborns no more than two weeks old. Opt for a warmer room, preferably in the morning when they are more willing to cooperate.

Ready up anything you feel you may need like extra diapers, warm clothes, variety of backdrops and blankets. Also, I prefer using natural light as newborns are highly sensitive to camera flash. Be ready to work fast but delicately. You never know when your baby might stop cooperating.

Make it all about the baby

One thing you should definitely have is a large piece of black cloth. It can be used as a simple backdrop to narrow down all focus on the baby. If the black backdrop isn’t your style, go for something that doesn’t drive attention away from the baby. Keep it simple and you will avoid being clichéd.

The details

Babies have the most awesome details. However, the trending photography styles barely capture these tiny details. We have all seen babies being photography in the same old ways, from a photo of their heads to close-ups of accessories on their toes. But the shots that will truly stand the test of time are the ones that genuinely depict how small the baby is. Consider photographing the tiny hand holding your finger, the fresh feet that still haven’t seen any wear and the absolutely adorable expressions babies make.

Don’t fret

It is only natural to get worried during the shoot. The newborn is so fragile and delicate and seems to grow every single moment. The truth is, each picture you take of a newborn, is a gift. Don’t throw it all away worrying. Enjoy the special chance you have to capture the newest addition to your family.

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