5 Things You Should Ask Your Wedding Photographer before Saying “I do”

If the love of your life popped the question, this means it’s time for you to walk down the aisle and say, “I, do.”

Wedding preparations can be a challenging, overwhelming, yet fun experience. From finding the perfect dress, the location, deciding a guest list, and of course, choosing a professional photographer to capture the highlights of your big day—there’s tons to do.

But before you select the photographer, there are some things that you should ask them. To make it easier for you, we’re answering some of these questions you may have for us!

  1. Can You Show Me Pictures From A Wedding That You Photographed?

If a photographer is hesitant about showing you their work samples, this could be a bad sign.

We usually upload most of our work on our website and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook for our customers to get inspiration. However, if you want a certain photo style, such as one with warm hues, cooler tones, or just portraits, we’ll be happy to show you samples of whatever you ask.

We’ve got tons of dreamy photos of brides, candids of the couple, and even some studio shots for postcards.

  1. Can We Schedule A Meeting?

You’ll be spending almost half a day with your photographer, from behind the scene shots and the reception to outdoor shoots. This is why it’s essential that you and your partner are comfortable and satisfied with the photographer’s work.

Meeting the photographer for an engagement or pre-wedding photoshoot is always a good idea. This will help you loosen up in front of the camera, and your photographer will understand your poses and angles, so everything goes smoothly on the big day.

  1. What Camera and Lens Will You Be Using?

This might not be such an important question, but don’t be afraid to ask if you’re into technical details. Even though the camera’s model or lens doesn’t matter when the photographer is well trained and experienced, to some, these details might make a difference.

That’s why we show you samples from different cameras, in case you want a specific shot taken.

A wedding photoshoot by Lily Hayes Photography

  1. Will You Guarantee any Fixed Shots?

Just imagine flipping through your wedding photo album only to realize there’s no picture of the exchange of rings!

We understand that a wedding ceremony is special and is filled with tons of emotional and important moments. We ensure that every emotion and action is captured for you to treasure.

However, if you require any specific shots, it’s always a good idea to communicate this to your photographer.

  1. Have You Photographed at My Wedding Venue?

This is a plus point for many.

If your photographer has experience working at the venue you’ve selected, you can see samples and older pictures they’ve taken to get inspiration. However, this shouldn’t be a deciding factor as you can ask the photographer to meet you at the venue a few days before to help them understand the place.

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