Congratulations! You’re getting married! What an exciting time lies ahead of you both! We understand that finding wedding photography prices online is important for almost every couple which is why we proudly display all of our services on our website. I do offer wedding collections which does make it a little easier, choice wise but with so many variables I know it might be a little difficult to decide. For that reason I would love the opportunity to get to know you and find out what your envisions are for your big day so please don’t hesitate to contact us for a personalized quote! ♥





1 Photographer
4 Hours of coverage
usb of edited images
Print Release
$150 print credit
14 day delivery of images



1 photographer 
6 hours of coverage
usb of edited images
print release
$350 print credit
14 day delivery of images



1 photographer
8 hours of coverage
engagement session
usb of edited images
print release
$650 print credit
14 day delivery of images



2 photographers
8 hours of coverage
engagement & bridal session
usb of edited images
print release
$950 print credit
14 day delivery of images




– Showcasing Your Portraits –

What better way to showcase your engagement, bridal, and wedding artwork than having us get you some gorgous prints and albums. All of our products are produced with the highest standards and are uncompromising. We offer traditional lustre prints, traditional and framed canvases, and last but not least albums. All of our album are panoramic layflat albums. You get to see the entire page when opened and the entire album design process is done all online.


Prices starting at $395

Do you want a genuine leather cover? We got you covered. What about a canvas or photo wrap cover? No problem at all. Oh I really would like to have 30 spreads instead of 15 so I can have large images and show more images of my special day and wonderful photography. Sweet, we can do that for you.  We work with all of our brides, grooms, and their families to provide the best quality albums.

Framed Canvas

Prices starting at $140

After your wedding day, all you want to do is enjoy your honeymoon and spend time with each other, yay! You have all of these amazing pieces of art on USB, but not enough time to give them the spotlight they deserve in your new home. Sure, you shared a few on social media and updated your Facebook photo. This is where we come in. We save you the time and effort and provide you with, shall I say, a fabulous framed canvas. Don't worry yourself with dealing with subpar printing labs, we use the best of the best and guarantee you will love the results.

Traditional Canvas

Prices starting at $70

Love those tight corners above? What about the vibrant, but not artificial tones? With all of our canvas prints, that is the quality you will receive. No more having to go to the store and find a hanging kit. Every canvas you purchase from us will be ready to hang.

– FAQ –

How far in advance should I book, and how do I book my wedding with you?

At least a year in advance is best, but it also really depends on your wedding date as well. March, April, September and October are VERY popular wedding months in Texas and they book up fast! 

Once you're ready to make it official, I will put together a wedding contract and send it over. Immediately following is the Paypal invoice for the non-refundable retainer fee of $250. That amount is applied to the total amount due 7 days prior to your scheduled wedding.

Are you insured?

Yes, I am! If you or your vendor needs proof please allow me a few days to get that ready for you. 

Why are you worth the amount you charge?

I honestly WISH couples would ask me this! I could tell them so many things!

I LOVE creating personal relationships with my clients! It is so important for a wedding photographer and a client to be comfortable with each other as individuals to help the big day transition smoothly and comfortably. The more my clients are relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera, the more raw and genuine emotion I'm able to capture behind the lens and that is something very very important to me!

I'm passionate about my work and the images I produce! Not only are these your digital assets but it's my name and reputation so every single image I produce has to be absolutely FLAWLESS! I'm a BIG perfectionist! I pay attention to every single detail in a photo! From how relaxed the pose looks, to your hair and makeup, to what is lurking in the foreground! No worries, I don't forget about your better half either! I believe the tiniest of details can either make or break a great photo that is why it's EXTREMELY important I make sure my clients are picture perfect for every single photo, all while keeping the good, fun loving humor going! 

As stated, I could go on and on..lol but the venue, the DRESS, AND the photographer should be factored in as one of those must have's, while planning your fairytale day. 10 years from now it won't matter how beautiful the venue was, how drop dead gorgeous you looked in your dress, you need a photographer that can mirror those details with grace and elegance while capturing those geniune raw emotions that helps tell the story of the love of your life, and the life you love! xoxo