Practical Pre-Wedding Bridal Shoot Tips

Whether you’re someone who finds engagement photography or pre-wedding photo shoots cheesy or cool, it’s a wonderful way to capture how you feel for each other and document your relationship as beautiful keepsakes.

It’s also a great way to break the ice, get to know your chosen wedding photographer, figure out what poses, lighting, technique, style work for you. This session often makes wedding photography turn out to be brilliant rather than dull.

The key to capturing intricate organic moments is being comfortable enough to share your memorable love story with family and friends through the mesmerizing art of storytelling through images. Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your pre-wedding shoot.

Up Your Beauty Game!

Woman relaxing at a spa for pre-wedding beauty

Schedule Your Facials

Plan your facial sessions at least three weeks before your pre-wedding shoot to avoid ending up with any last-minute acne, red spots, or scars on the shooting day. It’s best not to try any unusual product or procedure so that you don’t end up with an allergic reaction that doesn’t resolve in time.

Don’t Condition Your Hair.

Silky, soft hair is difficult to style, and ironically look bad in photos as they don’t hold their shape easily. Skip any serums or conditioning rituals before the shoot as dry, rough hair are easy to work with.

Wonders of A Good Night’s Sleep

It’s called beauty sleep for a reason! Avoid having too many salty snacks, stay hydrated, and get loads of rest to avoid a puffy face, bloating dark circles, or tired skin. Bring out the natural glow by getting enough sleep.

Conceptualize It

Pre-wedding shoot of a couple on cycles

Prepare a Concept

This shoot is all about who you are as a couple. Create pictures that truly reflect your relationship, and narrate your story. One way to do pre-wedding shoots is to follow what’s popular on social media blindly. Experts suggest personalizing these moments according to our tastes, hobbies, and anything that describes your powerful bond.

Choose a Location

If you bond over books, get the shoot in a cute local bookshop, if you’re high-school sweethearts, go back to the place you met in school, there are many options to explore from.

Don’t choose a seven-star hotel if raw wilderness is what defines you! Also, make sure you both are at ease at the location because even the slightest discomfort or a fake smile can get super prominent in the photos.

Go With the Flow

Pre-wedding shoot of a couple

Laugh, have fun, let the emotions flow! This will help the photographer capture natural-looking photos that depict your real emotions. Forget that there’s a camera somewhere, think about special moments you’ve shared together, pretend you’re on a date, or just think about your future with the person standing next to you, the person you want to share the rest of eternity with.

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