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Tips To Choose Wedding Photos for Your Album

Wedding photographs are keepsakes that you’ll cherish for years. They’ll grace your walls and become your phone wallpapers too—so you must be careful when you’re choosing which photos to keep and which ones to discard when your wedding photographer rings to let you know that the draft is ready.

We know choosing photos can become frustrating, because you want to keep all of them, but a few tricks can be helpful in crafting a wonderful wedding album. Continue reading this piece to learn more about it.


Narrate Your Day with Visuals 

Your wedding photos narrate the happenings of the day from start to finish. From the moment you shift your veil to cover your face, and slip on those stunning heels to the moment you dance with your beloved and leave the destination of your wedding; photos show it all. Your photos aren’t just keepsakes—they tell the tale of your big day with pleasing visuals.


Choose Your Favorite Ones

Don’t fret about pleasing others, your wedding photos belong to you and your significant other. Choose the ones that both of you prefer over other photos. Whether they’re the ones that have your family standing by your side, or portraits that flaunt your veil and glittery wedding band—you call the shots.


Don’t Skip On Candid Shots

Because this is where the photographs depict you as you are. Whether the photographer catches your significant other looking at you tenderly, or you’re smiling walking down the aisle, candid moments can take your wedding album up a notch.


The Ones Where Your Love Shines Through 

You planned everything to the last detail, including what poses you’ll strike and how many romantic shots you want. So, when it’s time to plan your album, keep those shots in mind. The ones where you’re caressing your partner’s jaw, or taking a stroll with them hand in hand, and even when you both embrace each other as a married couple for the first time.


A bride wearing white stands with flowers in her hands


Don’t Skip On the Details 

Ask your wedding photographer to click some shots of the food at your wedding. The drinks that you’re serving and the appetizers too! But that’s not where the details end. Snap some close up shots of the dainty work on your dress, and even how flawless your hairdo looks from the back. Show off your acrylics while you hold on to your bridal bouquet for an adorable photo that you’ll cherish for years.


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