What To Wear To Your Portrait Session? Spring | Summer Edition

Spring and summer are probably the two most popular seasons for booking a family portrait session. The lush greenery and abundant flowers make for beautiful backdrops, and the warmer weather means that you don’t have to worry about bundling up in coats and scarves. However, deciding what to wear for your family photos can feel overwhelming. You want your outfits to look cohesive and stylish, but still feel comfortable and like yourself. Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered! Here are some tips for dressing your family for a portrait session in the spring or summer.

Choose a Color Scheme – 

Start by selecting a color scheme for your family’s outfits. You don’t need to all match exactly (in fact, I don’t recommend that!), but your colors should complement each other. For spring and summer, soft pastels, like lavender, mint, and blush, are always a safe bet. You can also go for brighter hues like coral, turquoise, or yellow for a more summery feel. Be sure to avoid neon or overly bright and bold colors, which can be distracting.

Consider the Location – 

Think about the location where you’ll be taking your photos when choosing your outfits. Will you be in a park or garden with lots of greenery? Choose colors that will complement the natural surroundings, like soft blues and greens. Will your session be on the beach? Neutrals like white, beige, and navy will look stunning against the sand and ocean backdrop.

Dress for the Weather – 

A spring or summer session can mean variable weather conditions, so be prepared. You’ll want to dress in layers, so that you can easily add or remove clothing as needed. Avoid heavy fabrics like wool and velvet, and choose lightweight, breathable materials like cotton and linen. For moms, maxi dresses or skirts are always a winner, while dads can opt for a casual button-down or polo shirt.

Accessorize Appropriately – 

Accessories can be a fun way to add some personality and style to your outfits, but be sure to choose pieces that will work well for the location and type of photos you’re taking. For example, if you’ll be walking through a park or garden, high heels might not be practical. Instead, choose comfortable sandals or flats. Be sure to keep jewelry simple and understated, so that it doesn’t detract from your beautiful faces and the overall look of your family.

Don’t Forget About Hair and Makeup – 

Finally, don’t forget about hair and makeup for your portrait session. For moms, consider booking a professional hair and makeup artist, who can help you look your best and feel confident in front of the camera. For dads and kids, keep things simple and natural, with light makeup and hair that’s styled but not too fussy.

Conclusion – 

With these tips for dressing your family for a portrait session in the spring or summer, you’ll be able to create a cohesive and stylish look that’s perfect for your family photos. Remember, the most important thing is to choose outfits that make you feel comfortable and confident, so that you can relax and enjoy your time in front of the camera. Happy shooting! To schedule a family photoshoot with Dallas Family Photographer, please submit an inquiry here

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