Bringing Your Fur Babies to Your Family Session

We all know how much our fur babies mean to us, and as a member of our family, we want them to be a part of every important occasion in our lives. Well, why should it be any different for your family portraits? Bringing your pets to your family session can add a unique and personal touch to your portraits. It may seem like a daunting task to incorporate your furry family members into a photo session, but fear not! We’ve got some tips to help you prepare and plan for the perfect family portrait session with your fur babies.

Schedule Your Session At The Right Time –

Scheduling your family portrait session at the right time is crucial when including your pets. Ideally, choose a time when your pet is at their most active and energetic. It’s also best to avoid times when it’s too hot or too cold outside, as it can make your pet uncomfortable. Scheduling your session during a cooler part of the day, like early morning or late afternoon, is usually the best option.

Get Your Pet Trained and Groomed – 

A well-trained and groomed pet is less likely to cause chaos at your family session. Make sure your pet is trained to obey your commands and follow basic instructions like sitting, staying, or coming when called. Grooming your pet before the session is also important as it will make them look their best. A trim, a bath, and a brush will do wonders for your pet’s appearance.

Pack Your Pet’s Essentials –

Bringing your pet’s essentials like their favorite treats, toys, and water bowl can help keep them calm and focused during the session. You can also bring a blanket or a bed for your pet to rest on, especially if your session extends for a longer period. Make sure to bring plenty of water and snacks to keep your pet hydrated and energized throughout the session.

Coordinate Your Pet’s Outfit With Your Family – 

Matching your pet’s outfit with the family’s clothing can make for some adorable family portraits. You can follow a color scheme or a theme to match your pet’s outfit with the family’s attire. However, make sure the outfit is comfortable and non-restrictive for your pet. If your pet is not keen on wearing clothes, a simple bandana or a collar accessory can add some charm to your family portrait.

Choose a Pet-Friendly Location

When selecting a location for your family portraits, make sure to find a pet-friendly location that allows pets. A park or a beach can be a great option, as long as they are pet-friendly and safe. Ensure that the location is not too crowded and will not cause any distraction or stress for your pet.


Bringing your fur babies to your family session can add a unique element to your portraits. The key is to prepare and plan ahead, so your pets feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the session. Scheduling at the right time, getting them groomed and trained, packing their essentials, coordinating their outfits, and choosing a pet-friendly location are essential tips to ensure your family portrait session with pets runs smoothly. With these tips in mind, we’re sure your family portraits will be purr-fectly paw-fect!

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