What Not To Wear To Your Family Session

Family photos are an essential way to capture memories and special moments, but there are some things to consider before you show up to the session. Clothing choices can make or break your family photos, so it’s important to think carefully about what everyone wears. Matching costumes might seem like a fun idea, but they might not always be the best choice. In this post, we’ll be talking about some of the things you should avoid wearing to your family photo session to ensure you have beautiful and timeless photos that you will always cherish.

Avoid Busy Patterns

Patterns can actually take away from your family photos and can be very distracting. Bold, bright colors and busy prints can make it challenging for the viewer to concentrate on the subjects. Instead, choose solid, neutral colors or very subtle prints that won’t pop out in the photos for your family.

Don’t Overdo It on Accessories

Accessories make a beautiful addition to outfits, but when there are too many, they can make your family photos overwhelming. Try to limit the number of accessories down to just a few per person in the photo like earrings or a hat. Simple and clean is always the best choice for family photos.

Avoid Trendy Clothing

Trendy clothing can become outdated quickly and can make your family photos appear to be less timeless. Stick to timeless clothing pieces that will remain attractive in the future. This way, your photos won’t lose their charm and remain elegant.

Stay away from Clothing that is Too Tight or Too Loose

While it is easy to want to wear form-fitting or baggy clothing, it is not an excellent choice for family photos. Form-fitting clothes can sometimes make the wearer look awkward and tight, while baggy clothes can make the wearer appear disheveled. It’s best to opt for clothes that fit appropriately and not too tight or loose.

Avoid Bold Logos or Graphics

Bold graphics or logos on clothing can be distracting and may not look good in family photos. Your family pictures should focus on your family and not take away their charm. With too many distractions, viewers might not even focus on the people in the picture, which means all the hard work making arrangements for photoshoots might go to waste.


Family photo sessions are all about capturing special memories and creating a beautiful keepsake that will last a lifetime, so it’s important to choose your clothing selection wisely. By avoiding too many accessories, busy patterns, trendy clothing, too tight or loose clothing, and bold graphics, you can ensure that your family photoshoot goes smoothly and the results will be gorgeous and timeless. You will cherish your family photos for a lifetime, so take the time to choose the right outfits that reflect your family’s style and personality. To inquire on a family photography photoshoot, please submit an inquiry here.

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