Newborn and family photos are some of the most treasured possessions in a family’s life. These photos capture the moments that can never be recreated and become cherished keepsakes for generations to come. As a parent, it’s important to ensure that you and your family look your best in these photos. The question is, what should you wear for a newborn and family photoshoot? In this blog post, we’ll provide you with tips and ideas on what to wear for newborn and family photos so that you can have beautiful and timeless photos to look back on.

Start with Color:

The colors you wear for a photo shoot can set the mood and tone of the photos. Soft pastels, such as light blues, pinks, and yellows, are great for a sweet and gentle look. For a more dramatic and bold look, primary colors work great. You can also opt for neutrals such as whites, creams, or grays for a timeless and classic look. Keep in mind that you want to coordinate your family’s clothes. Everyone doesn’t have to be in the same color or print—just make sure that the colors complement each other.

Consider the Location and Season:

Where you have the photoshoot can affect the clothing choices. If the shoot is done outdoors in the fall, for example, you can consider dark greens, browns, and oranges that will complement the fall colors. If the shoot is being held in the winter, you can consider warmer clothes such as sweaters or jackets. For a summer shoot, lighter, breathable clothes will work best.

Keep It Simple:

When selecting clothes for the shoot, you may be tempted to include a lot of accessories and patterns. However, it’s best to keep it simple. Simple is beautiful, classic, and timeless. Avoid complicated patterns, logos, or prints that can be too busy and take away from the family’s faces and expressions. For the little ones, avoid clothing with characters that can distract from the main focus, which is your newborn and family.

Dress for Comfort:

When selecting clothes, consider your baby’s comfort and safety. Avoid clothes with complicated buttons, zippers, and snaps. Stick with comfortable, breathable clothing made of soft fabric that your baby will feel comfortable in. For the older children, you can opt for clothes that look good but also allow for ease of movement. This way, they’ll feel comfortable and more relaxed during the shoot.


A photoshoot allows you to accessorize, which can add another level of depth and style to your clothes. Consider adding accessories such as hats, scarves, belts, or jewelry that complement and tie together the overall look. For example, a statement necklace can elevate a simple outfit. Accessories can also give you the chance to show off your family’s unique style and personality.


Newborn and family photoshoots are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture your family’s memories. While choosing outfits for the shoot can seem overwhelming and stressful, following the tips above can help make the selection process much easier. Remember, the focus of the shoot is to capture your family’s loving emotions and connections – so, keep it simple, comfortable, and coordinated. We hope this guide has provided you with helpful tips and inspiration to take beautiful and timeless newborn and family photos. In inquire for a Dallas maternity photographer, Dallas Newborn Photography, Dallas Cake Smash and Family Photographer, please submit an inquiry here

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