What Not To Wear For Your Engagement Shoot

We get a lot of inquiries asking for the best ways to stylize an engagement session. In this blog post, we address one of the common questions – what not to wear for your engagement shoot.

If It Makes You Uncomfortable, Ditch It

One of the most important pieces of advice we can give you is to put on something comfy. You might see other women putting on skirts and heels which they don’t wear normally. The trouble is; the discomfort shows on their face. They don’t walk around as many couples like to do in their engagement shoots and are constantly pulling down their dresses. Nonetheless, if you are comfortable in what you wear, it will definitely show in your photographs.

Like Loud Patterns And Logos? Ditch Them

For all the obvious reasons, you don’t want to put on clothing with a lot of logos on your engagement day. You don’t want to become a walking billboard for major clothing brands. Too loud patterns and you have yourself the same problem.

Loud patterns draw attention away from you and the worst part is, that once they go out of style, so will your photographs. If you really are a fan of patterns, make sure that your partner also pulls it off subtly. We’re talking about something like from under a sweater or jacket.

Matching Clothing? Big NO!

Coordinating what you wear with your partner? Good idea. Putting on the same black tee and pair of jeans? It’s overdone. Your photos will come off the same way as the generic ones you see when buying photo frames.

If you want to coordinate colors, go for ones from the same category.

Not Too Tight, Not Too Loose

The camera captures every little bulge and every little curve. In addition to this, wear too tight a pant and you get the muffin top effect. Wearing larger pants could make you look bigger than you really are. A comfortable fit with a solid color is the right way to go.

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