Wondering What To Wear For The Family Photo Shoot?

Family photo shoots are as exciting as vacations for most people. Family Photos Spring Creek Nature Preserve

They mark the beginning of a new year for some; while for others, it is a creative way to document the growth of the little ones. There is something special and particularly joyful about capturing the love of your family in time.

However, one of the common challenges most family members face when the time comes for the shoot, is deciding what to wear. As a leading Dallas family photographer, I have some tips for you that will certainly come in handy

Don’t Match, Instead Coordinate

Although it used to be THE thing for family photographs a few years ago, times have changed. Today, you want to come off as stylish as you can in your family photographs. Think about your personality; what is the attire, style and colors that perfectly voice your personality? Coordinate that style with the rest of the family members for the best results.

Start With A Single Piece And Work Around It

When you are completely oblivious to what colors to choose, it is a good idea to begin with one and build the rest of the colors around it. For example, start with a popping green coat, dress the little ones in funky colors like red or orange. The results will be lively and the perfect representation of age and time.

Nothing Works Without Planning

The earlier you decide what everyone should wear, the more comfortable you will be when it’s time to photograph. Waiting until the night before the shoot will definitely add to the frustration and panic at the end.

Choose The Location Beforehand

Do you like the beach? Would a forest background do? Remember to choose the location beforehand. This will ultimately help you decide exactly what you should wear to give an ‘in the moment’ look.

Are You Comfortable? Family Photos Harry Myers Park Rockwall

We want our kids to be styled up in jackets and hats – simply because they look adorable. But are they comfortable?

When deciding what to wear, one thing you can’t miss out is every person’s comfort level. Each and every family member should be comfortable with what they are wearing to put their best face on in the images.

Go Timeless

Fashion comes and goes. You want your family photographs to be timeless memories – something that never goes out of style. Therefore, it is a good idea to stop focusing largely on what’s in and go with classic looks that stay fresh for years to come!

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